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The Colorado Cello Summit 

FEBRUARY 24, 2024

King Center, Metro State University Campus

9:00am -5:00 pm | Cost: $50/$35 with Student ID*

*High School and College Students (email for discount code)


Featuring Special Guest

Daniel Rothmuller

Former Associate Principal Cellist of the L.A. Phil

Sponsored by Denver Violins


Instrument and Musical Supplies from  

Denver Violins | Luther Strings

Cello Ensemble Arrangements Sheet Music 

 by Doug Moore 

The Colorado Cello Summit is made possible by our generous supporters.

Denver Violins
Glasser Bows New York
Metro State of Denver
Luther Strings

2024 Summit Schedule 

9:00am - 9:40am 

  • Yoga with Erin Patterson

9:45am - 11:45am 

  • Excerpt class with Daniel Rothmuller


11:45am - 12:30pm

  • Lunch - Bring your own lunch as no food is provided by the Summit. 

   11:45am - 1:00pm 

  • Visit Luthier booths and try instruments and check out the arrangements of Doug Moore.

   12:30pm - 1:00pm 

  • Competition Contestants Warm Up

1:00pm - 2:00pm 

  • Competition

2:00pm - 3:00pm 

  • Masterclass

3:15pm - 5:00pm

  • Cello Ensemble 

2024 Faculty 

Cello Competition 2024

  • The 2024 Colorado Cello Summit Cello Competition will take place during the 2024 summit.

  • As the focus in 2024 is preparing orchestral excerpts, the competition will be held in the format of a professional orchestral audition with a proctor and each contestant will perform behind a screen

  • There will be an 2 different levels and each contestant will perform their excerpts behind a screen.

  • Each round will be judged by other participants and professional cellists.  

  • Contestants DO NOT have to sign up prior to the Summit.  Any Cello Summit participant can compete. 

  • Each Level will have a winner and prizes are provided by our amazing sponsors including a set of Larsen "Il Canone" Strings.

  • The only requirement is attendance at the summit.  

Prizes include

  - Complete Set of Larsen "Il Cannone" Warm and Broad strings - courtesy of Larsen Strings and

     Glasser Bows and Instruments in New York.

  - $200 Gift Certificate to Luther Strings in Denver

  - And More 

Level 1 Excerpts

  • Beethoven Symphony No 5.

    • Movement 2 - mm. 1-10, 49-59​

    • Movement 3 - mm. 141-196

  • Brahms Symphony No. 2 

    • Movement 2 - mm. 1-12​

Level 2 Excerpts

  • Beethoven Symphony No 5.

    • Movement 2 - mm. 1-10, 49-59​, 98-106

    • Movement 3 - mm. 141-196

  • Brahms Symphony No. 2 

    • Movement 2 - mm. 1-12​

  • Mozart Symphony No. 35

    • Finale - mm. 134-​181

  • Debussy La Mer

    • 2 measures before rehearsal 9 - 6 measures after rehearsal 9​


At each Summit, we have one or more Colorado based professional cellists give a masterclass to 2-3 lucky participants who have been selected by our masterclass selection committee to perform.  Our previous masterclass teachers have included: Dr. Charles Lee, András Fejér, David Requiro and Matt Zalkind, and Alice Yoo.  The 2024 Cello Summit Masterclass teachers will be Daniel Rothmuller, Dr. Charles Lee, Dr. Adam Riggs, Becky Kutz Osterberg, Trevor Minton, Erin Patterson and Peter Linder.  **If you are selected to play in the masterclass your registration fees will be refunded to you.  

Register to play in the Masterclass

Registration Ends February 20th, 2024


Board Members

Founded in 2018, the Colorado Cello Summit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that in partnership with Metro State University of Denver holds a yearly event that brings Colorado cellists together to connect, play and celebrate the cello.  Past presenters and facilitators at the Summit have included: David Requiro, Alice Yoo, Matt Zalkind, András Fejér, Dr. Charles Lee, Doug Moore, Evan Orman, Rich Slavich, Gil Selinger, Margaret Romney, David Rutherford, Christopher Dungey, and Deborah Miles.


In addition to the yearly event, the Colorado Cello Summit strive's to help build and foster the cello playing community in Colorado by providing a strong online presence where performers, students and teachers can go to learn about cello related events, cello teachers in the area, performance opportunities and upcoming concerts in the area.  


Adam Riggs


Erin Patterson


Jessica Riggs


Charles Lee

Becky Kutz Osterberg

Trevor Minton

Peter Linder

Summit Videos