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Cellos For Sale

Instruments for Sale in Colorado 

Selling?  List your instrument Here

Full Sized German Hornsteiner Cello For Sale

Imported by Roth in 1964 - high quality student instrument - excellent sound quality.   

Value at $1500 after slight repairs (I was quoted cost of repairs by two reputable luthiers, would be happy to refer you. Needs bridge and new strings).

$500 includes soft case, bow (recently re-haired by Orman, wonderful condition). Cello has new tail piece and updated end pin.

If interested contact Candace:

1/2 Size Cello:
Cecilia, CCO-100 SN: 0121403628

1/2 size cello for sale includes bow and case.  $400 

If interested contact: Linda at


Christian Pedersen Cello For Sale

Authentic Christian Pedersen Cello for Sale. Valuded at $7500, asking price $6250.  Documentation and appraisals available upon request

If interested contact: 

Matthew at

Scherl and Roth Cello For Sale

Full Suze Cello - asking price $800

If interested contact: Jennifer at


Kallo Bartok Cello For Sale

Kallo Bartok No.142, 2003 original owner purchased new from Stringworks includes hard case. Currently listed on FaceBook Marketplace as European Kallo Bartok Cello -  asking price - $7000

If interested contact: Arther at


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